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Arix: - ender eye drop: 50% 25% FOR LOW END PC'S - Press F8, disable Better Foliage, press P, disable Fancy Block Particles Maug: -Fixed bestiary not syncing correctly at times causing players bestiary to appear empty. - Barrels, Cabinets, and more storage options - Potion Of Scattering: Random teleportation - Crafted with Ender Pearl in Thick Potion - Over 100 custom-made-for-RLCraft cosmetic hats given as quest rewards This is a subreddit for the RLCraft modpack for Minecraft. -Food fixes, most foods now give the correct buff for the correct amount of time (swift swimming still does not work for now). Melonslise (Dev of Locks) - Asmodeus's Arena can now only be summoned in the End and at least 500 blocks away from the exit portal. -Pets/mounts/minions set to Aggressive no longer attack passive mobs (yay don't have to worry about walking into a village with your your summons out lol). - Fixed a bug where pressing the dismount and sneak keys at the same time could result in players becoming stuck. -Slightly lowered swim speed while wearing Stone Of The Sea. best time to visit big bend for stargazing; hadley capital portfolio. Search Search all Forums Search this Forum Search this Thread Strange fluffy ram-like creatures. -Fixed a bug with Defensive and Assist pet stances where pets would not defend or assist their owner at all. Farming Can be farmed and Bred using live large animals. -Render distance fix for dragons, sea serpents, cyclops, and battletower guardian, can now be seen 128 blocks away! - Fixed squid ink accidentally dropping from mob spawners (lel) - defense: 3 2 - Removed Campfire Spit (no longer needed) POG!) - BedBreakBegone - New mob: foxhound, found in the nether (can be tamed with coal) KNOWN ISSUES: - chorus fruit drop: 1-3 50% 1-2 20% TheAwesomeGem (Dev of Fishing Made Better) I graded mounts on offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as utility and convinience. - Skirts are now smeltable good lord you're welcome >:| Spartan Weaponry: All sorts of forests will usually have a pack of them wandering around, although colder forest . This means better shields protect against more damage. - Enchantments no longer protect you from absolute damage sources (example, fall damage, fire, etc) XP Tome update! - Bridges, bridges, bridges! -Slightly lowered spawn chance for the giant oak mushroom shaped tree. - Each race now has a whole new set of attributes like different speeds, health, attack damages, jump heights, and more : Sharpshooter [NEW] - Reduces aiming time with Crossbows - Max Levels: 2 -Fixes double tall grass and double ferns not dropping plant fiber. -Dragonbone and chitin varients of weapons added! - Leather Helmet = 7 Locational Armor - Pathfinding Chunk Cache Fix: Stops ghost chunkloading when creating pathfinding chunk caches -Disabled Fire Starter item from No Tree Punching, to fix exploit with getting infinite perma torches via the Fire Pit item. To dismount press the Dismount Button (C by default) as sneaking (shift) is used to fly or swim down on a mount now instead. - Removed charges + bottle = bottle o'enchanting - Spartan Weaponry Lycanite Boss and Boss Progression Rebalance: - End Portal activation sound is no longer global - Race transformation can now be made permanent through the use of the foods Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. -Dragon max health increased to 800 (was 600, this is the max health a dragon CAN have, based on how high level it is). Habitat Pinkies roam the Nether looking for anything to eat. Amalgalich: POG! -Ender Queen Crown now makes you immune to Hypothermia from Tough As Nails! -New bauble! Eyewig: - Tweaked loot tables slightly -Iron Skin skill only goes up to level 5 for a max of 25% damage resist now instead of 10 levels for 50% damage resist. -All my patrons for helping me test RLCraft v2.6 in time for release! Elenai (Dev of Elenai Dodge) - Rank 1 knowledge is still obtained by discovering the creature initially - Stealth now also works on lycanites mobs (not bosses) (RLTweaker) - New Dynamic Trees Traverse compatibility patch - Spawn rate decreased slightly from 700 to 800 blocks apart fonnymunkey(for tons of testing!) ================= - Ettin club drop chance 5% 10% -Some structures will still be floating, I know. -Yes, however because of the update to Lycanites with the prefix change, upon loading your world you will see missing entries. - Fixed memory leak with Lost Cities causing major lag/stuttering (RLTweaker) who sells shifman mattresses; anthony mccormick michigan; recruitment process theory About Project. -You can dye couches and other wool items by right clicking it with a dye in your hand (also fixed a crash with this) - The Asmodeus boss fight has been improved and is now more difficult due to a new hitscan attack and minion changes. - element: gravity arcane -Slightly lowered spawn chance for the giant oak mushroom shaped tree. - defense: 3 2 Beep tinitus effect slightly lowered Crusk: -Re-Added shovels to smelting recipes - Mixin Bootstrap New Features: New Item Added: Soulstone. Big thanks Kristi7111! -Fixes a crash when fire would destroy log blocks. - Blossom tree -Fixed a number of generations like Ocean Castle (never spawned, not the floating castle, different one) Underwater Base (broken generation, the square flat sandstone structures in water), Floater (floating ocean structure with end portal frames, chests were empty, loot tables fixed now) and many more. -Dragonbone and chitin varients of weapons added! -Added silver, sapphire, hephastite, umbrium, and scarlite ores to dragon eye search. - Lost City dimension completely overhauled - Neptunes Bounty can give you ingots now (RLTweaker) - Grappling hook weight, speed, and length adjusted and rebalanced Forgotten Items: -Dwarf ring fortune effect will not stack with other fortune effects anymore. - ender pearl drop: 100% 50% Block_Vader (for coming back to develop Better Survival and fix it up due to the popularity of RLCraft! -Fixes sitting being possible on slabs/stairs that have a block above them, causing suffocation damage - Replace Random Update Handler: (requires patch chunkTicks) Replaces the random update handler with a faster alternative for performance. -Sitting now only works when you're not already sitting somewhere.. The TLDR List of major changes and updates: - Summoning pedestal now only lasts for 20 seconds with 1 redstone (was 60 seconds per 1 redstone) - Added maximum weight of mobs that can be hooked - Golem Helmet = 8 shots - Parrot eggs (use beetroot seeds) -Added spartan shields to reskillable Removed: - prismarine crystal drop: 3-6 2-4 - New crops, grapes, hot chili peppers, and tomatoes Ore dictionary values for `toolAxe` and `toolWeakAxe` should no longer be necessary (although they will still work). -Attack damages of iron/gold/diamond knives were lowered, allowing me to re-enable them. - added soul powder (quark): 1-1 5% - chorus fruit drop: 1-10 1-6 - Potion Of Cure: Cures all negative status effects - Crafted with Immunizer (Lycanites) in Thick Potion These base code also covers a lot of work required for Pet/Mount storage too! Icebelly (for all the new awesome structures!) WhiteDraco (Dev of Switch Bow) No longer crashes server. - Charm beacon fix - Re-added the ability to assign multiple keys to the T&B Keybinds. Xcube (RLCraft team, dev of ISeeDragons) When breeding them avoid sprinting as they will become hostile and wont be able to be bred. - Over 340 custom quests across 18 chapters Callable Horses: -Fixed some foods not applying their buff (yes chupacabra meat gives leech again =D). - Removed myrmex weapons due to broken behaviour (already crafted myrmex weapons are unusable) -Fixes some wood saw recipes found in the second pass overriding others which fixes a bug where oak planks recipe would be removed if traverse was present (as it's fir logs were caught in the second pass). - creature type: arthropod aquatic Disenchanter: Spriggan root: poison duration: level2: 3.5s, level3: 4s I really hope you enjoy this update, there is a lotand I mean a LOT of new stuff, changed stuff, reworked and overhauled stuffand should theoretically be a whole new beast for you to conquer. You should not allocate more than 4GB's for your client, as this ends up causing Java garbage collection to go wonky (very scientific I know) Everything Else! Courtesy of Artsy, these hats will only be rewarded through village bounties! - Chainmail/Iron Helmet = 3 shots Wearable Backpacks UPDATE! Total Downloads 11,767,248. - Drops Corrupted Skulls on death - Fixed Vespid Hives - Squids can be milked to give ink using a bottle without killing them ObliviousSpartan (Dev of Spartan Weaponry, Spartan HUD, and Spartan Shields) -Ring of Enchanted Eyes prevents blindness. - Overhauled how tamed pets credit their owners when getting kills and dealing damage. - Fixed Blindness making mobs have a 2 block sight range, now only reduces mob vision by 50% - RealBench! - Rank 2 knowledge is now required to tame and summon creatures -Made ender dragon scales drop over a greater area so that they're less likely to fall in the portal. - Fixed crafting xp dupes custom main menu and buttons, custom loading screen and window icon! - Leather Helmet = 2 shots Re-balanced the weights of these as well and fixed a lot of broken generation stuff with them. You can also use it on a stone block to get a tamed Stoneling! - Better Foliage has been updated with shader support. ========================== -CompatSkills updated to latest version. - Fixed the Darkness spawner spawning mobs in too high a light level. - Anvil Patch (Lawful) -Endermen are now friendly towards Endermites (yeah you saw this coming come on lol). -All behaviours like aggressive, assist, defensive, passive, should now work correctly. Charles445 (RLCraft team and dev of RLTweaker, SimpleDifficulty, and AIReducer, rewrote/ported/fixed Locks, Bountiful, SoManyEnchantments, etc.) - New ore, Cincinnasite (use it to craft Steel) - Golem Helmet = 8 shots - Replace Combo Handler: Replaces the blindness and combo handler entirely for performance -Ichttt for updating First Aid to fix crash conflict with Wearable Backpacks for this version of RLCraft! - New Iron Canteen! - Diamond bolt base damage now 2.0 (was 5.0) and range multiplier 2.5 (was 1.25) - armor: 0 8 Ioray stinger: projectile cooldown change: level 1: 6s, level 2: 4s, level 3: 2s -Slightly lowered swim speed while wearing Stone Of The Sea. - element: gravity arcane TwilightStar (Original art featured in a few Quest Book entries) - Battletowers no longer show up in the lost cities (RLTweaker) This can only be done by giving them treats! ========== Artsy (Artist for Simple Difficulty (Rough Life), new Antique Atlas textures/icons, new Enhanced Visual effects, animated Lycanite charges and saddles, Hats, Locks and UI elements, Quest Themes, FishingMadeBetter textures, and Trinkets & Baubles rings and items) LinkedIn and 3rd parties use essential and non-essential cookies to provide, secure, analyze and improve our Services, and to show you relevant ads (including professional and job ads) on and off LinkedIn. - health: 40 100 RLCraft v2.7 (Quality Of Life Update) I really hope you enjoy this update, there is a lotand I mean a LOT of new stuff, changed stuff, reworked and overhauled stuffand should theoretically be a whole new beast for you to conquer. - Changed recipes of some arrows such as the burial arrow, frost arrow, etc. Sit UPDATE! - Saddle renamed to "Basic Saddle" - Defense increased to 4 (from 2) - armor: 0 8 Published: June 7, 2022 Categorized as: park lane, montecito, ca . Huge thanks!) - Removed Aberration Soulstone drop Different fish can act differently and sporadically based on the type of fish, weight and size of the fish, etc -Shields now apply attribute modifiers correctly. XP Book changed to XP Tome! It is a survival focused modpack with heavy tweaks and a very high difficulty. RLCraft v2.9.1c - QoL and Performance Update Snownee (Dev of Snow Real Magic!) - Arcing Orb grants dodge ability, can stun enemies, and gives you a LASER! - Potion Of Immovability: Effected player/mob cannot be knocked back - Crafted with Obsidian Bream (Advanced Fishing) in Thick Potion - 2.8.2 Worlds areNOTcompatible with 2.9. -Nunchakus now spin in multiplayer. - Elenai Dodge - Disenchanter crash fix GENERAL: - Running into a wall too fast may hurt :) Lycanites Mobs Hi im pretty new to RLCraft, and recently killed a lunar Grue and got a "undead soulstone" In the hardcore Unlimited Data Only Plan, You can discuss and share content here This is a subreddit for the RLCraft modpack for Minecraft This is a subreddit for the RLCraft modpack for Minecraft. - Fixed burial arrows breaking blocks they shouldn't When you first encounter a creature, you will gain Knowledge Level 1. If you attempt to update an old world, you will likely run into issues, crashes, and quests not working. - Demonic Soul Cube requires Biotite to craft Ignibi currently have 2 Uncommon Variants: Violet Verdant Taming Can be tamed using dragon treats. These new mo. - Overall, multipliers were lowered, so armor scales more smoothly and doesn't hit the 80% reduction cap too quickly, while offsets were raised, making early game armor like leather to armor feel exactly the same, so this mainly affects the later tier armors. They attack by quickly running at the player and dealing 2 damage on contact. XCube & Charles445(for both of their AMAZING work on the ISeeDragons mod, tons of coding help, patching up every last little bug and issue!) -Dungeon bosses now have boss bars! -Added BacoDifficulty, made for RLCraft, to prevent certain things like command blocks from structures that generate accidentally setting the difficulty to peaceful and turning off the daylight cycle. Morock: - Disenchanting table now made with Golden Book Wyrm Scales Minor Generation Tweaks! - Poison now creates Andesite when mixing with water. - Fixed rare bug with particles dying after an extended amount of time - spawn weight: 8 4 Some people really prefer to get one-shot by skeletons than having to use nun-chucks with shield, to argue with it, yes, nun-chucks + shield is going to be patched on 2.9.2, but hey, you still have a lot of other one handed choice. Fnar (Dev of Roguelike Dungeons - Fnar's Edition) - Bolt base damage now 1.5 base damage (was 4.0) and range multiplier 2.0 (was 1.0) -Disabled Quarrying enchantment (did nothing). The effects of the serverCompatibility setting are listed below So Many Enchantments: ========================== - Fix for Adept, will no longer cause mobs to drop XP that are not supposed to - serverCompatibility: Attempt to be compatible with alternative server software - Astikor Carts These Wyverns can . - Vespid Stinger lvl 3 now deals Penetration lvl 2 for 2 seconds (was lvl 3 for 3 seconds) - firework charge drop: 1-1 1-2 WhiteDraco (Dev of Switch Bow) - New mob spawns added for fishing in Lava and fishing in the Void (Lycanites) - damage: 4 3 - armor: 0 8 Serene Seasons: -Added quivers to reforging station, can now be reforged with leather. -Slightly modified the recipes to make these a bit more difficult to obtain early on, as they proved to be slightly OP (especially regen ring). Harleyoc1 (Dev of Dynamic Trees) - clay drop: 1-16 1-8 Instead, the new monsters come from a large variety of sources, such as popular media, ancient mythology, or straight from the developer's mind, and their powers and placement are inspired by their source material. Jdd666 Browse and download Minecraft Mounts Mods by the Planet Minecraft community. Once tamed and equipped with a saddle, Barghests can make excellent mounts, especially for mountainous terrain. this page will contain info about the new taming system Variants give double knowledge. (no longer attacking armor stands, properly adhering to commands) - Potion Of Penetration: Reduced armor - Crafted with Sea Serpent Fang in Mundane Potion Level Up Reloaded: -Blur time and intensity from explosions reduced in half. -Birch wood to paper recipe had to be changed to 2 birch wood = 4 paper now due to NPT update conflict. Simple fix is to toss the beastiary away (throw it in lava) and make a fresh one. Arrows keys are used to adjust line tension in order to catch your fish. Supercharge [NEW] - Reduces charging time with Throwing Weapons - Max Levels: 2 -Waystones now cost no XP if traveling to another waystone under 2000 blocks away The information you seek seems to have been deletedguess you'll just have to find out on your own :) Use a ''Soulstone'' to bind your pet to your ''Bestiary''. -Cleaned up config folder, RLCraft v2.6.1 HOTFIX: Vespid Hives now produce Honey and the Vespid Queen can become friendly if you feed her enough insect treats where her swarm will no longer attack you mostly - All fish are biome specific, dimension specific, and even height specific (yes there's underground fish now) Tschipp (Dev of Forgotten Items, Carry On, and Callable Horses) - Daggers now have a backstab bonus - Fixed Concapede Behaviour. Keyboard keybinds will still not work however. - Fixed crash using Return Scroll and Bound Scrolls in Lost Cities (RLTweaker) Drops 1-3 Pinky Meat (100%) (cooked if burning) It's fire does not spread nor spawn Cinder. - Shovel parts now work on snow Over 340 quests for you to exploreor not! Salamander: Phantom_Fantasia(Original questbook concept), RLCraft 2.8.2 Changelog - THE BOSS UPDATE Changed to Forge 2838 for better compatiblity and stability with spongeforge servers r/RLCraft. - Fixes for various clever Ice and Fire dupes (RLTweaker) -The amount of damage your shield can withstand before being breached is based on the shields maximum durability (Shield Power)! - added drop: algae(aquaculture) 1-3 100% 4:57 PM. The mutant creatures mod adds . We recommend latest Forge currently - Level 1 Forge = 12 Building (from 6) Lycanite (Dev of Lycanites Mobs) -(because of the above change, foods do NOT instant heal any longer! - Biotite added to the end dimension, only generating when Ender Dragon is defeated - Natural Blocking max is now 2 (from 3) - Jelled slime armor as been replaced with the new ice armor (made with ice chunks) Scaling Health was accidentally capping mob health to 2048, when bosses like Lycanite bosses were supposed to have around 5000 health. - Various other fixes and tweaks for mods that got added in this version (RLTweaker) - Fixed Bow not requiring agility anymore. - Wolf armor can now be equipped by right clicking an unarmored wolf with the item Only a saddle of the same type as a creature can be used, and vanilla Saddles are not compatible with Lycanites mobs. in Thick Potion -Wither Skull only requires 8 building and 8 magic now (again, not sure why this was so high)

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