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A tollgate where you need to pay to enter or leave Edinburgh. Its an award-winning estate near Cape Town, that was built in the 1720s. I could hear a mic'd up Heughan, Balfe, and Skelton exchanging banter between takes; Heughan sneaked a quick in-costume selfie as a crew member misted him with fake sweat. Theres even a blue vase in the window of one shop and Mrs Bairds rates for her bed and breakfast. But the dangling gourds and everything else outside make it feel like the Frasers just left the scene minutes ago. Marsali is already doing research, continuing experiments, learning to stitch wounds and also how to read, forbye. At the end the second series, Bree and Roger visit Inverness College in the 1960s. We are located in Duxbury on the South Shore of Massachusetts and offer luxury interior design and decorating services for New England, Massachusetts, Boston, South Shore, Cape Cod, Marthas Vineyard, Nantucket, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, Connecticut as well as virtual, aka e-design, decorating services worldwide. And after all, Jamie and Claire are of high social standing. Outlander is seeing Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) settling into their new home in North Carolina this season. My day kicked off with a tour from Jon Gary Steele, Outlander's production designer. I actually stayed here during summer holidays in their rooms they rent out. There's only so much magic I'm allowed to reveal, but here's everything I can share from my super-secret Outlander season 5 set visit. But then, here is the definition of a big house. Sure enough, she is taking one of her blood baths and trying to seduce him. Although no red-haired Highlanders are guaranteed on your visit! Sorry for the late reply. Leave early to avoid long queues or visit before/after hours for empty shots. But in reality, the Outlander crew had to recreate America in Scotland. During the Scottish Festival, Brianna and Roger stay in the lodges nearby. When Claire and Geillis are accused of being witches they are chucked in the thieves hole and then dragged over to Cranesmuir Church for the witch trial. Its actually only open onTuesdays from 11 am 1.30 pm. Reservations arent possible and its always completely packed with long wait times. The inside was completely stripped and redecorated in 1960s decor. Years ago, the vicinity of Edinburgh only reached from Edinburgh Castle down to the border of Canongate. At the start of episode 3, The Way Out, we see Claire and Frank at a railway station in London. You can also head around the harbour for a pretty coastal walk. We also see the Reverends house reappear in series 2, when Claire returns and at the end of the series when Claire and Bree attend the Reverends wake. I cover TV and movies as part of my job, and I live in New York city, so encountering celebrities is an oddly normal part of workdays and weekend coffee shop runs. Outlander book locations River Ness, Inverness Inverness, where the adventure unfolds. This includes the beach where Claire and Jamie are reunited, the Governors mansion in Jamaica and the residence of the Bakra. Kelvingrove Park sits in the heart of the city, near the University and Kelvingrove Museum. You can walk down the path, under the archway and sit on the steps like Claire and Jenny! Which is quite limited! This sleepy area of Edinburgh was transformed into a bustling 18th-century market place for the series and is where Claire reunites with Fergus! But, the redcoats find them. "The amazing thing about Diana is a lot of authors would be protective of their books," Davis said. These scenes were all shot in Tulloch Ghru which is located on the Rothiemurchus Estate in Aviemore. I fell in love with the characters and have over the years spent hours rereading the books and watching the series. Although no official dates are set yet, Caitriona Balfe revealed at a recent Q&A that the show will begin filming as soon as the script is ready. The Callendar House kitchens are FREE to visit and inside they have some activities that are perfect for fans. In other words, unlike Downton Abbey, there's not much in the way of fine interiors and "Get that look" opportunities. Fortunately, Abercairny does have some open days, as are mentioned on the property's "What's On" page, so Outlander fans can visit the location in an official way. So when Starz invited me to visit the Outlander set to learn some exclusive secrets behind season 5 and how it all gets made, it was a dream come true. This is where Jamie works as a groomsman for the Dunsany family after Ardsmuir. If you want to follow in the footsteps of your favourite characters and relive some of your best Outlander memories. The house was built by Phillip Alston (a Whig Colonel), in 1772. Dougal rescues her and they escape to head back to the Mackenzie Party. The location used for the rocky shoreline where she and Jamie eventually reunite is Silverstroom Beach in Cape Town, South Africa. A notable place is an area where Claire recovers after losing Faith. So, he accepts her word. Each of the spaces truly felt less like a set, more like an actual home. Without you, this project would have been impossible; National Trust for Scotland, Historic Environments Scotland, House, Hopetoun House Estate, Glencorse Old Kirk, Summerhall, The Signet Library, Hunterston House, Tibbermore Parish Kirk, Deanston Distillery, River Edge Lodges and Motel One. Many fans spotted Sam Heughan here. Its here they discuss something Bree read in a letter between Frank and the Reverend Wakefield. Firstly, we see Claire push Bree through the park in her pram, then later we see Claire walking over a bridge to Boston medical school. Where do history-obsessed lovebirds go to hang out in 1970? But, maybe youll have better luck? The public is also allowed to visit for a tour. You can read more about it in my guide here. But, if youre stuck for time, you may need to prioritise where you go. You won't have to jet-set around the globe anytime soon to visit most of these Outlander locations. Located just a few minutes away from Doune Castle, you can pop into the distillery and learn how whisky is made in Scotland. From here, we follow of a plot of Highland Clans, Jacobites, Red Coats, two weddings, kidnap, witch trials, torture and murder! You can head to. That would take more strength than I have.". Although the port was completely changed for the series with 18th-century props, its still a pretty place to explore with a small harbour caf nearby. There are plenty of stone circles in Scotland you can visit including the Callanish Stones which look the most like Craigh Na Dun. Click here to read my complete guide for visiting. Its the grisly place where Jamie is flayed and receives a hundred lashes on a hundred lashes by Black Jack Randall. Also, if you fancy, you can order a ginger ale like the actors in the series! You can explore the grounds here free of charge all year. We are all so thankful and grateful to those people right now. These scenes were all shot on location at River Edge Lodges in Perthshire. She discovers they have smallpox and so they and the ship must be burned. Its also good to note that a lot of interior scenes, like the rooms of Lallybroch, are shot in WardPark Studios in Cumbernauld. We see many scenes in the show shot around the Mercat Cross area. Make sure you read my complete guide before you go with top tips and specific directions. This includes the Study Building that played Gellis house, the square where the boy has his ear nailed in the pillory, Tanhouse Brae and down Wee Causeway where Tammas Baxter lives. Make sure you pick up and audio guide where you can tune into a special Outlander tour narrated by Sam Heughan who plays Jamie! For Brianna and Roger (Richard Rankin), the answer is a Scottish festival to learn about their heritage, supposedly located in North Carolinas Blue Ridge Mountains. Although it is a private residence in a remote location, the family do kindly let fans visit to see the spot. The Newhailes Estate is a popular stop just outside of Edinburgh that holds the ancestral home of the Dalrymple family. See here for more details. In the Outlander season 5 premiere, Roger (Richard Rankin) and Bree (Sophie Skelton) exchange vows on the. As well as an Outlander location, the University of Glasgow is one of the oldest in the English speaking world. Its the stuff of fairytales. When Jamie hears the Kerr say that the French gold was gifted by a white witch. Here, we see both the highs and lows including the victory at Prestonpans and the tragic Battle of Culloden. She predicted this will be around May 2020, so naturally, this has fans super excited! This is when we see Jamie and the Dunsany family pull up in their carriage to check on Geneva and the baby. Eventually, she learns a ship is wrecked nearby on a beach with a chinaman on board, who she believes is Mr Willoughby. Many of the props are crafted by Steele's team themselves, such as the Native American's fiberglass canoes from season 4. This iconic Scottish location provides Outlander with the stunning mountain peaks, ridges, rushing rivers and waterfalls that feature in the shows season one opening credits. Why, they're the king and queen of the ridge, right? This is also the place where Murtagh lays vengeance at Marys feet (the Dukes head!). Governor William Tryon - Royal Governor William Tryon served as colonial North Carolina's 8th Governor from 1765-1771. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Check out Mary & Blake's new podcast dedicated to This Is Us on NBC! Our editors handpick the products that we feature. I'm a UK-based solo female travel blogger. It was joy every day to learn more about Scotland customs and culture. This unique curved lecture theatre can be found in the Anatomy Room at Summerhall. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Theres a lot of banter on set.". Click here to learn more about all the locations you can visit at Dunure. The castle is open seasonally from April September. Such is the pull of the story and characters that Gabaldon created, a world that the cast of Outlander and the show's tireless crew have brought to life since 2014. Its proprietor, Jamie Fraser, lives there with his extended family, and by 1779 there are over 60 tenant families living on the land. There was a lot of heavy material during the Outlander Season 5 finale. Colum MacKenzie also arrives for the clan gathering to discuss, bringing Laoghaire in tow. These gardens are some of the best-preserved manicured gardens in Scotland and the view you get from the Castle are breathtaking! So, she goes to take some air. Another popular attraction that Outlander fans love to try and find is the Witness Trees in Kinclaven Bluebell Wood. Its here that Claire asks for MacRannochs help and offers him her pearl necklace in exchange. So far we have seen that wondrous Jamie and Claire combination of passion, desire and tenderness. In the end episode of Series 2, we see Bree and Roger take a road trip. Their authentic Georgian kitchens were the perfect spot to film the scenes with Claire and the Duke. The scenes in the Caribbean and Jamaica were shot in South Africa. They try to make a home to raise Brianna together. Send us an email and we'll get back to you. Its free of charge and is open all year. Unfortunately, a lot of the houses and shops that were around the harbour arent there and they were edited on with CGI. Its one of the most well-preserved closes on the mile and has been used in countless period dramas. Its Jamies ancestral home that he hasnt visited for some years. Most of the food is real, too, including the feast that accompanies a wedding that will occur this season. Here, she is working in a makeshift war hospital on the front line attending to patients and those with bloody injuries. Another location in the adorable village of Dunure nearby the castle is Dunure Harbour. Roam the streets of Inverness where Claire's adventure begins. This is my favourite Outlander film location of the whole list and I would 100% recommend you make a visit. These hunting scenes were shot in Calderglen Country Park in South Lanarkshire. This blog accepts some forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, or other forms of compensation including affiliate links. If youre only here for a week or two, it may be easier to land into the central heart of Scotland and visit the two main cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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