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He was able to unlock the trunk of Mallorys Cadillac using keys found in the black Infiniti. They discovered that Ashlea's missing keys had the store keys on them too. They both pleaded not guilty. They raped her for not following through with the robbery. A break came when one of Harris neighbors told police that on the morning of the murder, he noticed a black, two-door Infiniti parked in the apartment complexs parking lot which didnt belong to any of the residents. CourtListener is sponsored by the non-profit Free Law Project. A neighbor told police that he had heard a thump and screaming from the apartment, the police affidavit said. When she tried to call her back Ashlea didnt pick up. Link your TV provider to stream full episodes and live TV. There are a lot of people at her apartment complex, which says a lot about the defendants in this case.'. Each is charged with one count of capital murder. There were extensive text messages between the two as they watched the store. For more on this case and others like it, watch "Snapped," airing Sundays at 6/5c on Oxygen, or stream episodes here. Police could not find Carter inside the mall even though they saw Clarence drop her off at the door. Then they turned their sights on Harris, who held the store keys, for their plot to make off with tens of thousands of dollars. One of Harris friends had stopped by after Ashlea got off work on Thanksgiving night and stayed until around 5 a.m. In addition, we got Ashleas DNA on this gun that was in Carter Cervantes car, said Kevin Rousseau. However, her loyalty to the store where she was employed would tragically lead to her death. The Jury heard that at 6.56am,Alexishad a missed call from Ashlea and when she noticed it, just a few minutes later, she called her back but there was no answer. He forced her to enter and rob American Eagle at gunpoint and threatened to kill her family if she didnt do what he asked. Powered by Shopify. 'They slash her throat and then, when she is finally dead, they set her place on fire. Harris reported Cervantes and Mallory as the likely suspects after Carter was seen leaving a door in the back of the store unlocked, according to the Amarillo Globe-News. She was the one that you wanted to like you because if you got on her bad side there was no coming back from it. He spotted the black Infinity in the apartment parking lot. Due to that, they wanted to speak to the owner of the Infiniti G35. She told the Court she did not kill Ashlea and played no part in her death. A coworker was slapped with life in prison for beating and burning to death a store manager on Black Friday so that he could take her store keys and steal $50,000. Dr Richard Fries, a deputy medical examiner at the Tarrant County Medical. Police discovered that thirty one year old Ashlea Ann Harris lived in the apartment that was on fire. Jeff Kayser to testify. Police searched the black Infiniti G35 and found a plastic bag inside a black trash bag, a sharpening stone for a knife, a nine-millimeter cartridge, a cellphone, a walkie talkie and a Buck knife with a sheath. A bottle of it found near the body. Saturday Tarrant County Sheriffs arrested 25-year-old Carter Carol Cervantez. So he laid back down to try to fall back asleep, but thats when the carbon monoxide detector went off. At that point is where it all becomes apparent why they killed Ashlea Harris. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. David received the same sentence on August 24, 2017. Police believed they were used for practice as theywerelabeled lock picking practice lock.. Rousseau added: 'Imagine the horror, someone is probably sitting on you while someone else is taping up your hands and then your ankles. previously worked at an American Eagle store in Amarillo and was listed in the American Eagle system as, Ashlea suspended Carter and one week later, Chris called Carter and told her. I need to take care ofthat. Police set up surveillance outside Carter's home and the next morning, the Saturday morning, at 8 am they saw her leave her apartment and get into her Infiniti G35 with a man. She enters the mall at 7:56 am on November 29th. Ashlea suspended Carter and one week later, Chris called Carter and told herthat she had beenterminated for leaving the store unsecured. The Autopsy revealed that Ashleahad numerous injuries on her body including but not limited to, Dr Fries testified that the injuries on Ashlea's face were caused by multiple blows. These included the bed, the closet, and Ashleas body. Zach Shallcross Struggles to Watch Himself Dancing Terribly on The Bachelor, Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, Alison Brie on Sex Scenes: 'We Are Actors, This Is Our Job'. Detective Cedillo drove there and he found a hole that had been dug that measuredsix feet long, two and a half feet wide, and three feet deep. At the apartment, detectives found a box containing a taser in the trash, strands of duct tape, and a damaged deadbolt lock. The scream was followed by a loud thud and hecould hear labored breathing. She said that she did not. On the 24th of August 2014, at 1.14am, $18000 was stolen from the safe in the American Eagle store. Our district manager basically gave her the option to quit or to get transferred, said Groen. Jeff was a neighbor and friend of Ashlea's. They were there to get the keys, said Cedillo. When he looked out the window he witnessed a dark-colored vehicle driving away. Cravey indicated that he did. However, things went awry after she hired a teen employee named Clarence David Mallory Jr., then 19, and started dating him, as per local reports. Officers found Mallory waiting in Cervantes car in the Hulen Mall parking lot and took him into custody. The Court heard testimony fromAlexis Torres Bunch. Carter Carol Cervantez v. State - Carter Carol Cervantez v. State, 02-16-00224-CR (Tex. Clarence Mallory Jr. and Carter Cervantez are accused of murdering Ashlea Harris after she left her job late at night at a mall in Fort Worth. Carter Carol Cervantez is on trial this week on a capital murder charge in the slaying of Ashlea Ann Harris, 31, on Nov. 28, 2014, the day after Thanksgiving, known commercially as Black Friday. Her name was Carter Carol Cervantez. It was a black Infiniti G35 with a faded toll sticker on its roof. NBCs Black Friday chronicles how Ashlea Harris was murdered by two spiteful former co-workers, Carter Cervantez and David Mallory, in Fort Worth, Texas, in November 2014. s asphyxia and blunt force trauma to the head and neck. Chris told police that a former employee at American Eagle, Carter Carol Cervantez, drove a similar car. Harris friends told investigators that she had been working around the clock in anticipation of the Black Friday sales event which started that morning. One neighbor, Steven Lee, told police that he had a cigarette on his balcony at around 6.30am that morning and saw a car parked outside. <p>Carter Carol Cervantez, 27, enters court on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, with defense attorneys Steve Gordon, right, and Bill Ray, not pictured. the Court. terminated for leaving the store unsecured. Carter Carol Cervantez faces capital murder charges in connection with the death of Ashlea Harris. She stole Ashleas keys to commit another theft with an even bigger payoff. Cravey fired Cervantez because she had left the store unsecured. After Ashlea Harris pointed to David Mallory and Carter Cervantes as the most likely culprits to have robbed an American Eagle store, the couple was furious. According to local news reports,the opening manager discovered $17,850.32 had been stolen from the safe. Carter Carol Cervantez. Firefighters managed to control the fire and it was only then they discovered that Ashlea was inside. She admitted to not locking the back door the night of the theft. 2023 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Video surveillance of the mall showed that at 2 am on Saturday morning someone tried to open the security gate at American Eagle. Prosecutors also showed evidence that Cervantez and Mallory were planning to rob the American Eagle in Abilene (where they had previously worked). Police asked Mallory to see his drivers license which he told them he did not have on him. Forth Worth was originally settled in 1849 as a US Army outpost to protect pioneers settling out west. Police "developed probable cause" to make the arrests, according to a release. Ashlea was appointed to run the store while Cravey was out on medical leave. However, they were never charged or arrested for allegedly committing the robbery. On Tax Free Weekend and Black Friday, those were our highest deposit days, said Groen. Who Killed Her? Surveillance footage from the Hulen Mall captured Cervantes trying to break into the American Eagle store on the morning of November 29 with Harris stolen keys, unaware that the locks had been changed. December 10, 2014 / 11:07 AM Then he gathered up some belongings, moved his car away from the building, and waited for the fire department to arrive. January 17, 2022 They had been dating which was a violation of store policy. This was torture, prosecutor Kevin Rousseau told Snapped.. The next day, Mallory drove her back to try again. He was also found found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, according to the Dallas Voice newspaper. While Cervantes moved six hours away to Fort Worth, Mallory stayed in Amarillo. Police also found a damaged deadbolt lock, phone, a walkie talkie and a Buck knife with a, a toboggan with a hole cut in it, a tarp still, inside the package and a kitchen knife. They were arrested and charged with capital murder, according to the Reuters news service. Chicwanda Forbes; Carter Cervantez: With Iyana A. Campbell, Jordan Clifford, Herbert Lee Frazier III, Reginald Garner. Patrick Sweet lived in the apartmentbelow Ashlea's apartment and hetold police that he heard a thump, screaming and heavy breathing. The investigators hypothesized setting the residence on fire had been an abrupt change of plans. As word of the fire spread throughout the community, Harris friends rushed to the scene, desperate for information. Crime News is your destination for true crime stories from around the world, breaking crime news, and information about Oxygen's original true crime shows and documentaries. Our district manager basically gave her the option to quit or to get transferred. Carter chose to get a transfer and was shifted to a store in the Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, Texas. Cervantez is being held in the Fort Worth Jail. Police argue that the couple beat Harris and then set her body on fire, taking the keys to the Hulen Mall American Eagle Outfitters store in order to steal up to $50,000 in profits from a Black Friday sale. Once there, she re-hired Mallory. They told authorities Harris usually left her keys on the kitchen counter, and that her home and car keys were on the same keychain as the keys to the American Eagle store where she worked. He then radioed for police and a crime scene unit to come to the scene. The following correctional supervision record (the "Record") was collected from the official state department of corrections website (see below for source link). He requested that they stop the black Infinity if they witnessed any type of traffic violation. Police say Harris worked a late night Black Friday shift at the American Eagle store in a mall in Fort Worth and arrived home around 3:15 a.m. A neighbor below Harris told police that he heard a thump, screaming and heavy breathing around 7:30 a.m. His carbon monoxide detector then went off, and water from the sprinklers in Harris' apartment came through his ceiling. However, their jobs did not last long when they were allegedly found suspects of a robbery that took place in the store on August 24, 2014. Both Cervantez and Mallory worked with Harris at the American Eagle store before being fired. Alexis Torres Bunch. He told police he was smoking a cigarette at 6:30 am when he noticed a car in the parking lot he had never seen before. What did they all have in common on Black Friday 2014? Get Driving Directions to Christina Melton Crain Unit Prison, Texas. He testified that the presence of. After that, she went to work. Cervantes had hired 19-year-old David Mallory and soon began dating him, in violation of company policy. On December 4, arrest warrants were executed, and David was arrested at a private residence in Amarillo on December 5. It included her mother, Monica Cassity, stepfather Daddy Chuck, her father Tommy Harris Sr. and her stepmom Mary Reddy. | Articles But prosecutors said Cervantez planned the crime, which involved stealing Harris' keys to the American Eagle Outfitters store at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth so the couple could take the cash from the store. Shes the one that coordinated everything and came up with the plan, said Cedillo. Please E-mail suggested additions, comments and/or corrections to Kent@MoreLaw.Com. In the parking lot was a black two-door infiniti like the one seen at the crime scene. Patrick thought that perhaps someone had come to pick Ashlea Harris up for work as her pick-up truck remained in its parking space. He asked if she would be willing to go downtown to be interviewed and she agreed. They werent supposed to be dating because she controlled his pay, she controlled how much he worked, and she would just give him more preferential treatment. Since this was a violation they took him into custody. Another neighbor, Patrick Sweet, also testified. They stalked Ashlea Harris like people stalk a deer.'. Whoever was the last person to leave had locked the door behind them. The Court heard that the car was still there when Steven left for work after 7.30am. Update: A correction was. At a minimum, this took at least a month of planning. When Detective Cedillo entered the coordinates it came up to a specific location near Lueders, Texas. Next, he heard what sounded like heavy labored breathing. In May 2016, 27-year-old Carter Carol Cervantes was found guilty of capital murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole, according to The Dallas Morning News. She recalls being raped multiple times by friends of Mallorys and being coerced into the robbery. Carter's case was heard first. Ashlea Harris was outgoing and personable while the other assistant store manager, Carter was more straight-laced and reserved. She also accused the black-hooded male, caught on camera breaking into the store safe and stealing the money, as David. Examiners Officer, performed the Autopsy on Ashleas body. It was evident to us that Carter was the mastermind behind this and I think David was the muscle. At Clarence's Trial, he claimed that he was not involved in Ashlea's murder but the Jury also did not believe him and he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison without parole. They stalked Ashlea Harris like people stalk a deer.". Detective Cedillo radioed dispatch and asked them to send a marked patrol call to the mall. But Tarrant County prosecutor Kevin Rousseau told the jury that Cervantez was the one who tried to control Mallory, whose trial is pending. Ashlea has suffered numerous injuries to her face and head indicating that there were multiple blows. It turns out that Clarence was also a former employee of American Eagle. Police have charged Carter Cervantez, 25, and her boyfriend Clarence "David" Mallory, 19, with capital murder in the death of Ashlea Harris, 31. Harris and other workers helped identify them as suspects, KHOU reports. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. A break came when one of Harris neighbors told police that on the morning of the murder, he noticed a black, two-door Infiniti parked in the apartment complexs parking lot which didnt belong to any of the residents. car accident sebastopol today, prayer for someone to win election, used garden tractors for sale by owner near me,

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